Veterinary professionals deliver a wide range of sustainability services to society.

We deliver these services as custodians of animal health and welfare - with impacts that reach beyond our patients and our clients. 

There is a growing interest in sustainability issues amongst members of the veterinary profession, including sustainable agriculture, environmental initiatives in veterinary practice, antimicrobial resistance, the welfare of kept animals in life and death, conservation and biodiversity, and the environmental footprint of pet ownership.

Vet Sustain's vision is for the veterinary profession to be a leading force for sustainability.

Our mission is to inform and inspire veterinary professionals to deliver positive change in society by integrating sustainability principles and practices in to our working lives.

Our Values

We are bold

We are not afraid to challenge norms and drive new solutions to pressing challenges

We are kind

We are respectful and open to new ideas in our interactions with each other and the wider community

We are positive

We are solutions-orientated and constructive in our dialogue

We are scientific

We refer to the evidence base where it exists to progress our ideas

We are non-judgemental

We do not judge the actions of others and recognise our individual differences in culture and circumstance. We allow and support individuals, communities and businesses to change.


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