Photo competition 

We are excited to launch our Vet Sustain photo competition. Winners will get to pick from a selection of 5m Publishing book titles worth over £150!

We are looking for a new banner image for Vet Sustain promotional materials, including our website. 


To be in with a chance of winning, photos should reflect one or more of our six focus areas:


  • A Good Life and humane death for kept animals

  • Farm animal production and the environment

  • Environmental considerations in companion animal ownership

  • Environmental impacts of veterinary practice 

  • Responsible medicine use

  • Wildlife and biodiversity

How to enter

Send your (high-resolution) photo to by 31st Jan 2020. Please include your full name and postal address, and state your first and second book preference in your email.

Winners will be announced

Three winners, as judged by our steering group, will receive a choice of one of the following free books from our friends at 5m Publishing, and their photos will be used in rotation as our banner image.

Please note that in submitting your photo(s) you give Vet Sustain permission to use your photo in our content and materials, with relevant credits.

Books up for grabs

  1. Animals, Ethics and Us. By Dr Madeleine L.H. Campbell.

  2. Animal Welfare in Extensive Production Systems. Edited by Juan J. Villalba.

  3. Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics: The evolving story of our relationship with farm animals. By Mark Fisher.

  4. Conventional and Organic Agriculture: A Comprehensive Review through the Lens of Agricultural Science. By Viktor M. Shorrocks.

  5. Eating Meat: Science and Consumption Culture. By Howard J. Swatland.

  6. Honeybee Veterinary Medicine: Apis mellifera L. By Nicolas Vidal-Naquet.

  7. Veterinary Ethics: Navigating Tough Cases. By Siobhan Mullan and Anne Fawcett.