climate emergency

The world’s scientific community has declared there are just 12 years left to prevent 1.5 degrees warming and that warming beyond 1.5 degrees could result in ecological collapse.

Vet Sustain recognises that the world is experiencing a climate crisis requiring an urgent and rapid global response, together with a fundamental and sustained shift in our behaviours at a personal and societal level. We need systemic, concerted action to save ourselves, our animals and the diverse wild plant and animal species that are in decline as a result of human activity. Veterinary professionals are uniquely placed, with our multidisciplinary skill sets, to contribute to the solutions that are required to tackle the climate crisis.

Vet Sustain believes that the global veterinary profession should declare a climate emergency – will you join us?

"We can do more. Veterinary professionals occupy an extraordinary niche at the human-animal-environment interface that we can leverage to drive progress."

Laura Higham, Vet Sustain Founder & Coordinator

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